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Name:Sky Tate
Birthdate:Dec 3
Appearance: Sky wants to be the best, so he makes sure to always look his best. His tall, broad frame is always covered by a clean and neat uniform of blue and gray, wether it be dress uniform or training sweats. His dark blonde hair is always cut short and gelled neatly and his dark blue eyes reflect the determination in everything he does. Sky strikes an imposing figure to criminals on the hunt by SPD.

It is rare, but when he drops his masks and smiles, one can see the young man of 21 underneath, who is desperatly trying to live up to his father's legacy.

Inventory Upon Arrival:
SPD Blue Ranger Jacket, gray with blue panels and piping
--over a blue t-shit with SPD stenciled across the chest
--on it, a silver SPD badge
SPD Cadet Uniform trousers, gray
--over black boxer briefs
SPD Uniform Belt
--holster for morpher, with SPD Blue Ranger Delta Morpher
--holster for weapon, with general SPD blaster weapon
--attached at back; pair of containment cuffs
--in pouch on the side; two broken halves of a tangarian coil
SPD Black Uniform Boots
--over black socks

Timeline- Sky apprivals on the island just after the events of episode 26 & 27, SWAT Parts 1 & 2, of the Power Rangers Season, Power Rangers SPD

I am not Sky Tate nor am I Chris Violette nor do I own anything to do with Power Rangers SPD. This is just a journal for a little fun over at [info]the_blank_slate
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